A lean strategy simulation game

What is the All-World Wheelchair game?

All-World Wheelchair is a factory simulation to teach strategic lean thinking. The players manage a manufacturing factory with nine processes making a single wheelchair product. They have one year to transform the factory from a series of problems and operating losses to profitability. At their disposal are 13 lean tools, of which they select some to implement each month. Players must diagnose the problems, separate root causes from symptoms, and select lean tools which best resolve the problems. User-friendly interfaces allow players to review key data and select tools. Then the monthly performance is animated and presented to the players. The game score is monthly and year-to-date profit. The game can be played in a collaborative or competitive environment. The game has been used in upper-level engineering courses, but is also suitable for industrial training.

To play, click on the Play game button.  The game works in Explorer (may be slower), Firefox, and Chrome.

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